Why see a Naturopath?

What to expect!

Seeing a Naturopath is very different to an appointment with medical doctors. I wanted to share with you the main benefits you can get from working with a Naturopath, as follows:

Complete Health Review

A typical visit to a GP is a 5 or 10 minute meeting. This is in contrast with visiting a Naturopathic Practitioner, which is usually a 60-90 minute appointment, during which you will discuss your health in depth. At the end, the Naturopath will aim to establish a holistic understanding of your health condition. This means looking into your health history as well as any present health problems and your current health.

Compliments medical Professionals

Naturopathy can work alongside, and compliment, what other medical practitioners may also be doing for you. What’s more they will bring with them advice that very few Doctors can provide. This is because a Naturopath is taught a different philosophy and will be tackling your health from a different angle. Rather than suppressing symptoms, such as with many pharmaceuticals, Naturopathic philosophy is about identifying and treating the underlying cause, so that the condition can be worked out of the body and released.

Identify the Roots of Health Issues

Catching things early, before they have a chance to evolve is much better. An example of this could be with digestive disorders, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, commonly called IBS. Conventional medicine, such as steroids, might be prescribed to reduce inflammation and suppress symptoms. However, steroids do not address the underlying cause of the problem, so once discontinued the problem can return.

If the cause is left unattended it can be allowed to develop further into a wide variety of ailments from migraines and eczema, to fatigue and inflammation, to many more. Getting to it early can save a lot of problems down the line.

Working Towards Disease Prevention

A Naturopath has the intention of directing and supporting your health into the future. It’s not just about treating symptoms as they arise.

Present day signals with chronic conditions, such as headaches, tiredness and fatigue, depression and anxiety, insomnia, weight problems, hormonal imbalance, skin problems, poor immune health, pain, arthritis and poor bowel health are all illnesses that have their root cause often years earlier.

The modern idea of popping a pill to give a temporary fix does very little to rebalance ones health and clear a state of ill health from the body. This is in contrast to the holistic approach used by a Naturopathic Practitioner.

Naturopathic Medicine & Individual Support Plans

One of the beauties of natural medicine is that programs and support plans are tailored to each individual.

The length of treatment varies from person to person, how long one has had a condition and its severity.

Restoring Our Natural Healing Ability

The goal is always to return to you your natural ability to heal and achieve optimum health. This innate ability is strong, but today there are many factors that hamper this ability.

The vast majority of us today have nutritional deficiencies of some kind. This is for many reasons, including:

  • Food is approximately half as nutritionally dense as it was for our great grandparents.
  • So much of our food is transported around the world before being stored for days or weeks in our supermarkets.
  • Research has shown that fresh fruits and vegetables can loose 50% of their nutritional quality in 48 hrs if being picked.
  • Processing of food is on an industrial scale today, leading to problems such as farmed fish to chemicals and pesticides in our food.

In my naturopathic medicine practice I include nutritional therapy , herbal and mineral therapy and lifestyle management techniques to support the bodies healing abilities, all of which are beneficial.

Emma Moorby, Naturopath is not seeking to impose her views on readers, but rather encourage them to seek out any professional help they may need (in whatever form that may take) and discover what is best for them.

Information on this site should not be taken as medical guidance or advice. Readers should always consult personally with their healthcare provider. Information published on this site is not intended to act as a substitute for advice of medical professionals, and should not be taken as such.

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