My Personal Healing Story

I am going to start with the happy ending rather than the beginning and talk about the positive outcome I have had since starting the right naturopathic protocol for me in 2015 and completely changing my diet and lifestyle.

This new protocol has been life changing for me, I have lost 30Ib of body fat, my prediabetes and almost type 1 diabetes is in remission, my thyroid is no longer failing, my PCOS has gone, my longstanding fatigue and brain fog have long since disappeared and my even longer anxiety and depression have 80% gone.

I’d been dealing with these things for a long time and tried a number of things all of which worked for a short period of time, studied more researched hard and went to professional seminars too, I never gave up!!

Eventually with a few pointers from a colleague I found a protocol, supplements and crucially the right thyroid medication( which I have since reduced by half) that I had needed (despite well-meaning but ignorant doctors refusing to believe anything was wrong or even do a blood test- sound familiar?!!) to make a lasting and improving effect on my condition.

I am still working on myself all the time and working through what was a long list of deficiencies due to long standing undiagnosed Hypothyroidism for over 25 years, including pancreatic insufficiency. BUT I’m getting better all the time !!

I’m always improving , I have lost half the weight I gained and still slowly moving back to my own body shape, appropriate for my individual body and genetics which is crucial !!

Here are the hypothyroid signs & symptoms I experienced:

• High cholesterol

• Low heart rate

• Low blood pressure

• Frequently cold and cold hands and feet

• Weight gain

• Inability to lose weight

• Oedema/water retention – especially in the lower legs

• Dry skin

• Loss of outer third of the eyebrows

• Puffy face

• Fatigue

• Depression and anxiety

• Brain fog

• Irregular menstrual cycle

• PCOS (this can be an underlying symptom of thyroid disease)

I know how it feels to be judged and feel extremely ill, I’ve been where others still are and now I am passionate after going through all of this to help empower others who are currently feeling as awful as I felt until 2015 and provide the information and education they need.

If you or someone you know can relate to these issues and suspect you may have these health conditions despite being “in range” with blood tests and told your symptoms are all in your head or on the other hand, you know you do and your medication is not getting you where you want to be, you are not alone and feel free to get in touch, I can help you turn it around.

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