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    Emma Moorby Naturopathic Chef
    Emma Moorby
    Registered Nutritional Therapist and Naturopathic Chef

    Personalised Nutrition

    How Naturopathy can help you
    Naturopathy is a healthcare system and philosophy which combines and uses natural medicines, such as herbs, nutritional medicine, mineral therapy, diet and homeopathy.

    This is very different from the approach used in conventional medicine, where drugs are often used to suppress and manage symptoms.

    The goal of a Naturopath is to locate the causative factors that are creating disturbance and correct them with natural medicine, allowing the innate ability of the person to naturally heal and restore balance.

    The main focus as a Naturopath is to work with the whole person as an individual, I take a detailed case history during the consultation process, I am looking at removing barriers to vitality, while supporting the body’s inherent self-healing mechanisms and nourishing the body with what it needs as well as rebalancing and strengthening vital systems in the body.

    I also include in my consultations and therapeutic protocols naturopathic tools and recommendations such as herbals, homeopathy, mineral therapy or stress management techniques to support your body's own healing abilities.

    In general, naturopathic therapeutic protocols tend to be non-violent, non-toxic, non-invasive and considered more in terms of achieving readjustment or reintegration. This may mean changes in diet, occupation, environment or exercise wherever appropriate.